First Day of Outside Garden Work: Spring 2018 Garden Journal


Monday, February 19, 2018 By Rana Moore I have been commissioned to start seeds for friends of mine who are big time gardeners, (to me, a football field-sized garden is pretty big time).  They're planning on growing a lot of vegetables and interesting varieties of fruits, including one I have never tried, the Tomatillo. I … Continue reading First Day of Outside Garden Work: Spring 2018 Garden Journal


You are the Gatekeeper of your Toxic Household

As the "gatekeeper" of your home, you can make choices as to what gets brought inside. It seems that's more important these days with so many substances and synthetics used in products that we use daily. Just the air inside your house can be 5 to 10 times more polluted than outside air! Think about … Continue reading You are the Gatekeeper of your Toxic Household

Great Gum Balls of Acid, Batman!!! – Tamiflu

Who thought that gumball trees could possibly be beneficial? And Tamiflu produced with ecoli instead of the harder to get star anise??  Thanks to for this awesome post on flu remedies out of abundantly available and seemingly worthless trees.  I am ready for a good dose of this special elderberry concoction!

Garden of Good vs. Evil

This being one of the worst Flu seasons on record, has created such pandemonia (with good reason) that currently, people that are not familiar with herbal remedies are desperately seeking alternative ways to prevent and fight the flu. One of them, Elderberries, has even received media attention on a popular Morning news show, which has literally caused herbalist like myself scrambling to locate elderberries, only to find them sold out.

But there are other very useful ‘tools’ in the herb world!

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