Today I Dried Basil

Today I dried basil in my dehydrator.

My  basil plants in the raised bed have gotten tall as I have been pinching back the tops to use in sauces and salads throughout the summer.  Now there are buds coming out on the plant and it looks like it might soon make seeds.   Every time you pinch the top leaves off the basil plant, two lower leaf nodes branch out and make new stalks.  If it’s tended like this it will make a bush and fill in many more leaves.


I direct sowed the seeds in the raised bed and they came up in mid spring.  They enjoyed the partial sun and shade on the back side of the house.  I only watered it in at the very beginning until it was established, and it has done well right into September.

I picked enough to fill two trays in the dehydrator…



I will leave them in the dehydrator for several hours until no more moisture is left in the leaves.    Then I will crumble them up and put into a air tight container or ziploc bag to use later throughout the year.  Next thing I want to learn to make is pesto!


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