New raised beds-new chicken

It has been almost six months since I’ve posted any blogs and a lot has happened! I will be covering in upcoming blogs previous events such as the chicken coop built from free reclaimed wood fence sections and an above ground pool,  acquiring the flock of five hens and figuring out the living accommodations, the homemade pallet kitchen composter and other off-the-wall ideas for practicing permaculture…….Southern style!

One of the most profound ideas found today on the Internet in my opinion is the instant garden by Geoff Lawton

Today we started working on new “insta-garden”  plots by digging out the abundant blackberry thorn bushes from the spot where we want to plant our spring vegetables.

Using a maddock to dig out thorns

later on in the afternoon Donnie got a call from his Uncle Tom about some chickens he had that we needed to look at….his chicks had grown big and he needed to scale down.  So, we took a trip down to Ansonville road to look, and I found the perfect black Sexlink hen.  I’ve been wanting a different breed of chicken for the spring to hatch chicks-my Rhode Island Reds won’t set on the eggs, they just lay them and walk off!  So I got Isabella the big black hen for ten dollars from Uncle Tom and am very happy with the new addition to the flock.


She will stay segregated from the flock for a while to acclimate.  We locked her in the pasture alone while the other chickens free ranged around in the yard.  She was MUCH calmer than at Uncle Toms farm where the two roosters wouldn’t leave the hens alone and they couldn’t get away.   She still has to deal with Roody, but we’ll see how that goes…she’s almost as big as he is!

Tomorrow we will be installing the Instagarden with free stuff! Cardboard and pizza boxes, grass clippings and free composted manure and shavings from the High Hopes Stables down the road.

Learning permaculture one step at a time!


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