Building a chicken coop with reclaimed materials

First of all, thank God for his abundant blessings , and somehow a chicken coop fits into the category of miracles.  The building materials for this “dream” project were derived from construction debris, free Craigslist postings, cedar poles from the woods, an old above ground swimming pool, and the labor from friends.  In one day this project was brought to completion, and interestingly it was the first day of the week of Tabernacles, (Sukkot) a biblical festival in the fall when you celebrate by building rudimentary huts and living in them for a week. Historically this is the type of structure Jesus was born in, we would call it a “manger” in modern times.  The inspiration for this started at a spring Festival of Pentecost, (Shavuot).  The idea of the chicken coop was born a full six months before, but it only came to fruition at the very last minute for us to celebrate the fall festival.   Donnie and I decided to celebrate in the chicken coop! Very special.

The cedar poles were cut down and placed in the ground and filled with purchased “sakrete” first, extending off the side of an existing brick well house.  Other straight-ish young trees were harvested for roof poles. This was done first, before any materials were scavenged for walls.  We put these up…


We had to purchase a few 1×4’s to make roof slats to support the roof made from an old swimming pool wall of metal…That is me holding the line!

Check out the stump lower left… we had to remove a tree that was dangerous

We sloped the roof slightly to one corner so we can collect rainwater in a barrel to water the chickens with.  The metal roof was applied with purchased roofing nails…



We got this part done first by ourselves then waited and considered how to make walls.  On Wednesday, before Tabernacles,  a local craigslist post showed free fence sections.  We were off in brothers truck to get them….



On Sunday we rounded up brother,  and two friends  (amazingly) in the morning to figure out how to put all this mess together! Such expertise from our fine helpers…



The fence sections were tacked to the brick well house wall, and to the cedar poles…


We added support poles as needed from scavenged wood..




When all three walls were done, a door was cut from a section, and hardware was applied from the stuff collected from the craigslist guy….Also we stapled chicken wire, from the craigslist guy… just enough to complete the enclosure.

Rocks piled along edges to keep critters out



Then we celebrated Tabernacles by sleeping in the coop and eating on an open fire for 7 days! So much fun… ( the leftover pieces of fence in foreground were later used to make laying boxes and housing places for the chickens)


We cooked on a campfire made from logs of the tree we cut down… Donnie’s ingenious ideas at work….Roll two large logs together and kindle fire between them and place grate on top…the concrete blocks were used to level the heavy pot, but the logs were rolled inwards as the fire burned with no effort.  In fact, the fire did not go out all week using this method ( adding a new log maybe once more) each log burned a couple of days..



Here is a nice meal of vegetable stew (from the garden 3 or 4 years ago…vintage), grain bread and tea..


Black bean chili the next night..



Another cool set up…



This was all in all an act of faith on our part and all glory to our Creator YHVH!  He is so wonderful!  We did not know how to celebrate, but we were shown many miracles and lessons through this very humble chicken coop.






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