Elderberry Cuttings

My elderberry cuttings arrived today in the mail, only four days after ordering them from Norm’s Farms!  They were cheap, only $2.98 a piece for stems that already have little shoots coming out of the top.  I ordered two of the Adams variety and two of the Magnolia variety which is a wild native from the Piedmont region of North Carolina.  I am following the instructions on how to root them by soaking in a jar for 24 hours then I will either put them directly in the ground or in a pot in a cool place.. haven’t decided that yet, wondering if they would get stepped on or mowed out in the garden ( unless I fence them in).

norms farms elderberry cuttings
Most exciting event of the morning


Katy with cuttings
Katy was excited too….

For better success it says to use rooting hormone to dip them in before putting them in the dirt, but I really don’t want to go and buy an new jar of that just for this project, so I am using the other natural and organic method of dipping it in honey.  This will prevent bacteria from growing and causing the cutting to rot before roots are established.

These bushes are supposed to get ten to twelve feet tall and will grow very fast once they are put in the ground.  They can produce gallons of berries on one bush.   You can make a syrup out of the berries to treat respiratory ailments, colds and flu as it is one of the best immune boosters you can get!  Here is my friend Patchouli Girl’s recipe for Elderberry  syrup… that’s for when you are experiencing symptoms.  Also, as a preventative she suggests making a tincture to take 5 days a week during cold or allergy season when your system might be down.  We used to go visit her little bush next to her bee box when I would go visit her and now I know why she was so excited that it was growing!




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