First Day of Outside Garden Work: Spring 2018 Garden Journal

Monday, February 19, 2018 By Rana Moore I have been commissioned to start seeds for friends of mine who are big time gardeners, (to me, a football field-sized garden is pretty big time).  They're planning on growing a lot of vegetables and interesting varieties of fruits, including one I have never tried, the Tomatillo. I … Continue reading First Day of Outside Garden Work: Spring 2018 Garden Journal



One squash plant can provide a family with enough to have plenty for meals throughout the week for most of the summer.  I planted Early Summer Crookneck variety that I got at the Dollar Tree for 25 cents.  The seeds were planted just a few weeks ago, never watered them, (just a little rain) and … Continue reading Squash

Instant garden success!

Yay for instant gardens!  No tilling, no gas to buy, all materials are free or cheap,  and weeding is down 90%!!! I got this idea from Geoff Lawton, he posted this quick video on how to create an instant garden on YouTube here .  What's really cool is he uses what looks like garbage to lay over … Continue reading Instant garden success!

New raised beds-new chicken

It has been almost six months since I've posted any blogs and a lot has happened! I will be covering in upcoming blogs previous events such as the chicken coop built from free reclaimed wood fence sections and an above ground pool,  acquiring the flock of five hens and figuring out the living accommodations, the … Continue reading New raised beds-new chicken