You are the Gatekeeper of your Toxic Household

As the "gatekeeper" of your home, you can make choices as to what gets brought inside. It seems that's more important these days with so many substances and synthetics used in products that we use daily. Just the air inside your house can be 5 to 10 times more polluted than outside air! Think about … Continue reading You are the Gatekeeper of your Toxic Household


Great Gum Balls of Acid, Batman!!! – Tamiflu

Who thought that gumball trees could possibly be beneficial? And Tamiflu produced with ecoli instead of the harder to get star anise??  Thanks to for this awesome post on flu remedies out of abundantly available and seemingly worthless trees.  I am ready for a good dose of this special elderberry concoction!

Garden of Good vs. Evil

This being one of the worst Flu seasons on record, has created such pandemonia (with good reason) that currently, people that are not familiar with herbal remedies are desperately seeking alternative ways to prevent and fight the flu. One of them, Elderberries, has even received media attention on a popular Morning news show, which has literally caused herbalist like myself scrambling to locate elderberries, only to find them sold out.

But there are other very useful ‘tools’ in the herb world!

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One squash plant can provide a family with enough to have plenty for meals throughout the week for most of the summer.  I planted Early Summer Crookneck variety that I got at the Dollar Tree for 25 cents.  The seeds were planted just a few weeks ago, never watered them, (just a little rain) and … Continue reading Squash

Elderberry Cuttings

My elderberry cuttings arrived today in the mail, only four days after ordering them from Norm's Farms!  They were cheap, only $2.98 a piece for stems that already have little shoots coming out of the top.  I ordered two of the Adams variety and two of the Magnolia variety which is a wild native from … Continue reading Elderberry Cuttings

Fava Beans In N. C. and an Ark of Ancient Seeds

Ancient Fava Beans.  Thousands of years old and still going strong. They were cultivated in the Middle East, carried over through Europe, and have been found in some of the earliest excavated settlements.  Wikipedia says "In Egypt, the beans were considered commoner food and were shunned by the upper classes"   Today, You can find gourmet … Continue reading Fava Beans In N. C. and an Ark of Ancient Seeds

The Joy of Chickens

Watching the birds is now a daily activity.  A habit like someone watching the soaps on tv.  There are relationships , squabbles, fights over who sleeps where, and Roody the rooster trying to sneak up on unaware hens.  Then there are peaceful moments like this shot where they seemed to be enjoying the sunshine, preening … Continue reading The Joy of Chickens

New raised beds-new chicken

It has been almost six months since I've posted any blogs and a lot has happened! I will be covering in upcoming blogs previous events such as the chicken coop built from free reclaimed wood fence sections and an above ground pool,  acquiring the flock of five hens and figuring out the living accommodations, the … Continue reading New raised beds-new chicken

Today I Dried Basil

Today I dried basil in my dehydrator. My  basil plants in the raised bed have gotten tall as I have been pinching back the tops to use in sauces and salads throughout the summer.  Now there are buds coming out on the plant and it looks like it might soon make seeds.   Every time … Continue reading Today I Dried Basil