First Day of Outside Garden Work: Spring 2018 Garden Journal

Monday, February 19, 2018 By Rana Moore I have been commissioned to start seeds for friends of mine who are big time gardeners, (to me, a football field-sized garden is pretty big time).  They're planning on growing a lot of vegetables and interesting varieties of fruits, including one I have never tried, the Tomatillo. I … Continue reading First Day of Outside Garden Work: Spring 2018 Garden Journal


Elderberry Cuttings

My elderberry cuttings arrived today in the mail, only four days after ordering them from Norm's Farms!  They were cheap, only $2.98 a piece for stems that already have little shoots coming out of the top.  I ordered two of the Adams variety and two of the Magnolia variety which is a wild native from … Continue reading Elderberry Cuttings

Instant garden success!

Yay for instant gardens!  No tilling, no gas to buy, all materials are free or cheap,  and weeding is down 90%!!! I got this idea from Geoff Lawton, he posted this quick video on how to create an instant garden on YouTube here .  What's really cool is he uses what looks like garbage to lay over … Continue reading Instant garden success!